When should you be aiming to ‘Go’ in a ‘Sit & Go’Poker game?

Poker is still one of the most popular casino games for people around the USA and the whole world. Its mixture of dramaand fast-paced excitement means it never gets old. One other major reason for Poker’s popularity is the variety of types you can play.

One popular example is called ‘Sit and Go’ Poker. As shown at Resorts Casino, this type is offered at all the best NJ online casino sites. If you decide to play at Resorts, you cannot only enjoy this sort of Poker in total safety but also have a range of other cool games to try out afterwards.If you have never heard of ‘Sit and Go’ before, though, you might wonder what it is and when you should aim to ‘Go’ when playing.

What is ‘Sit and Go Poker’?

This type of Poker refers to its format. As shown on any top casino gambling blog, ‘Sit and Go’ is a type of Poker tournament which is comprised of a present number of players. The action only starts once the number of players is filled and no late registration is allowed. SNG tournaments can go from as small as two players into the hundreds. However, you mostly see single table SNG tournaments of six or nine players. Once play starts, it keeps going until one player wins. It is also worth knowing that, although the first placed player wins the most, those who finish 2nd and 3rd can win some money too.

When should you ‘Go’ in this type of game?

While this is a simple enough question, it actually comes with two answers. The first is that you ‘Go’ when the required number of players is reached, and the play starts. It is vital to be ready for this to happen – especially if you ‘Sat’ (registered to play) a long time beforehand.

The other answer to this question relates to when you might consider going all duringan SNG tournament. By ‘going’ at the right time and with the right strategy, you stand more chance of winning. This really comes down to seizing your moment and making a decisive move when possible. If the Flop brings you a great hand, or you can scare off weaker players by going all-in on a good hand, do not hang around.

‘Sit and Go’ Poker is a fun way to play

Poker is the game of choice for many; from the famed Monte Carlo casino to the modern online casinos, it remains ever popular. SNG competitions have also found favor over the years for the break they give from standard Poker play. It is often like missing out all the boring qualification games and making it to the Final Table of a poker tournament. If you want to know more about them and when to ‘Go,’ the above advice should help.


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