What does your favourite online casino game say about you?

When it comes to online casinos in India, we all have our own favourites. And no matter what your favourite game happens to be, it definitely says something about your personality. Let’s check out how your choice of casino game reflects your personality.

What does your game of choice say about you?

Each casino game choice offers an insight into various personality traits. Here is what your favourite game says about your personality:

  • Slots

Personality type: The fun and relaxed introvert

Gamblers who love playing on slot machines tend to be pretty relaxed and fun-loving. Still, they are typically introverts because they like to stay at the periphery of the casino rather than going into its centre, where the table games are. They prefer to play on their own instead of interacting with other players. If you really love slots, you probably enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle, whether you’re spinning those reels online or at a physical casino. While you do love some adventure and excitement, you like your games to be more relaxed, and you prefer not to be the centre of attention.

  • Blackjack

Personality type: The strategic risk-taker

If you love blackjack, you love the thrill of taking risks, but you also love the strategy of the game. You truly love the thrill of earning a score of 21 and beating the dealer, especially when you are putting a lot of money at stake on the table. You are also probably an extrovert and love being the centre of attention in a crowd of people. Beyond just the thrill of risking your money, you also enjoy the thrill that comes from creating a great strategy and quickly running the numbers in your head as you make decisions on the fly. As a blackjack player, you love the social aspect of interacting with other players during the game, whether you’re interacting in-person or at an online casino.

  • Roulette

Personality type: The lone wolf thrill-seeker

If roulette is the game for you, then you are most likely an introvert. While roulette is a table game, you don’t typically interact much with other players, if at all. You like going about your day alone, so you enjoy standing at the roulette table alone and praying that the ball hits the numbers on which you placed your bet. You are also likely a bit impulsive and probably have a hard time tearing yourself away from the table. Some roulette players are very fearless and bet on single numbers, each time, for high stakes, while other players are more prone to taking a conservative approach in order to avoid a major financial loss. Either way, you love the thrill of risking your money!

  • Poker

Personality type: The analytical and competitive player

Poker players are usually competitive, and they also love strategising. Poker relies a lot more on skill than luck, compared to other casino games. And so, players have to be super analytical and prepared to make their next move on the fly. Poker players also tend to be extroverts or, at the very least, pretty comfortable in social situations. They also love showing off their strong analytical skills and observing which moves the other players are making in order to improve their game strategy.

  • Craps

Personality type: The outgoing social butterfly

If you love craps, you are most likely the life of the party. The craps table is always buzzing with noise, applause and excitement. Craps players enjoy nights out with a huge group of friends and meeting new people as they throw the dice.

  • Baccarat:

Personality type: The classy extrovert

Baccarat is a pretty classy table game made popular by the early James Bond films. To this day, the game retains its image of class and wealth. So, if you’re a baccarat fan, you likely enjoy the finer things in life. However, since it is a game of chance and skills combined, you are likely more focused on the style and image of the casino than the game or strategy itself. Baccarat fans are also more likely to be extroverts, as the game draws a big audience. So you probably enjoy the limelight if you’re a huge baccarat fan.

With this knowledge, you surely are a step closer to knowing which game suits your personality type or why you like a particular casino game more than the others.

If you’re looking to get yourself signed up on a new online casino, please read its terms and conditions, and check out its reviews on online casino gaming review sites before you make the final call.

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