Play Lotto SA with YesPlay and Get a Chance to Take Home Sensational Wins

From the moment it was first introduced in 2000, SA Lotto has been one of the most widely beloved games played across the entire African continent. With some of the most generous top prizes, a very straightforward, well-structured concept, and the odds stacked seriously in the player’s favor, SA Lotto is a fantastic option for all lottery fans, even those with zero experience in betting on lotto draws.

If you want to put your luck to the test and see how close you can get to winning one of the colossal prizes that SA Lotto pays its champions, come to YesPlay every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:30 SAST. Hurry to pick the few lucky numbers that can turn your uneventful life into a living dream overnight!

What is SA Lotto?

Lotto SA is a classic draw-style lottery game that makes use of the most popular 6/52+1 matrix, where six main numbers plus an additional bonus number are randomly drawn from the pool of 52 balls. The player who picks all six of the winning numbers drawn in the game receives the most substantial financial reward.

Lotto enthusiasts from South Africa today have another handy way to bet on the outcomes of their favorite domestic draws. By coming to YesPlay, they can instantly connect to hundreds of the most exciting and profitable games and place a bet with just a few clicks from the cozy comfort and safety of their own home. When betting on SA Lotto with YesPlay, players can enjoy a much broader range of options available to them. Thus, they can choose to bet on just two or three, instead of six, SA Lotto numbers, leave out the bonus ball, or put an extra wager on the next draw’s Unlucky numbers, Lowest and Highest balls, Divisible numbers, and more.

How to play SA Lotto online?

To place your first SA Lotto bet online, you need to have a device connected to the Internet, from which you can visit the official YesPlay website. Once there, take the following steps:

  • Sign up with YesPlay and create your betting account.
  • Add funds to the balance – make sure the sum is sufficient to cover at least one SA Lotto bet.
  • Find the RSA – Lotto – 6/52 game page using the search box on the platform.
  • Pick your numbers and place a bet.

Do not forget to check the latest SA Lotto results on YesPlay right after the draw is over to see if you are due a handsome cash prize!

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