Online slot machines – Busting The Myths

Even before gambling moved to online platforms, slot machines were a popular gambling option. Although the websites like Epicwin work quite similar to the machines in land-based casinos, several myths about online slot machines have been floating around. It could be due to ignorance. This article puts together some of the popular myths about online slot machines. It also helps people distinguish these from the facts.

A few common myths

Discussed below are some myths that people tend to have regarding online slot machines.

  • One cannot win in an online slot machine that just won a jackpot.

It is a baseless myth. But some gamblers tend to believe in this. The spins in the machine are generated randomly. Therefore, it makes no difference whether one chooses to play on a machine that has just won a jackpot or one that hasn’t.

Sometimes, gamblers choose a machine that hasn’t won a jackpot for a long time, expecting to win it. Remember that if the player ends up winning it, it is a mere coincidence. The arbitrary spins have nothing to do with the jackpot. It is a game of pure chance.

  • Online slot machines are built with streaks of losses and profits.

Again, the myth stems from the ignorance about working on slot machines. It may so happen that a particular machine rolls out great combinations consecutively. In other cases, a machine may not give out any hits. It does not mean that the machines are programmed to land lengthy streaks.

It is just a matter of chance. If a player doesn’t seem to get a hit for a long period, changing the machine may or may not turn their fortunes around. There are only two options – either to be patient until a proper combination turns up or to curse one’s luck and call it a day.

  • The casino fixes the machines such that the house wins.

All casino games have a fixed house edge. So naturally, the odds are against the gambler. However, that does not mean that the gambler is always going to lose. The casino has nothing to gain by fixing the machines. The customers will only lose interest if they were to play on fixed machines.

The outcomes of top online machines like Epicwin Slot are completely fair and random. Thus, the gambler need not worry.

Things to remember

Believing in baseless myths will only add pressure on the gambler. They do not allow the gambler to enjoy the game. Therefore, one must always remember that the results of online slot machines are randomized. If one understands this principle, then most of the myths surrounding this popular game will no more make sense.

Other popular myths include – using bonuses will decrease the chances of winning, the auto-play button provides a better chance of winning than clicking on the spin button, and so on. A primary reason that gives birth to myths like these is that gamblers who face consecutive losses do not know whom to blame! Regardless of what people think – these are just myths.

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