How About Betting on Horse Races?

Modern bookmakers are mainly associated with football and a couple of other popular sports, but the development of betting started with horse racing. At the beginning of the last century, British gentlemen would come to the racetracks and watch the jockeys race their horses to the finish line. Of course, with the advent of ball games, horse racing moved into the background, but there are still plenty of fans of the sport. You don’t have to go to the track to place a bet. Top betting sites in India offer remote betting.

Betting on horse racing: basic features

Keep in mind the following nuances before betting on horse racing:

  • Many factors influence the results of races: weather, coverage, experience, and weight of horse and jockey, the height of hurdles, and so on.
  • Before betting, assess the horse’s current form. Most bookmakers offer detailed statistics on all the participants in the upcoming races.
  • The event coverage for online horse racing betting is limited to some bookmakers. At the racetrack, the betting line is usually wider.
  • Often the bookmaker accepts bets on horse races with high limits, as it is a popular market among Western players.

Types of horse racing bets

The main betting options on Melbet for horse racing:

  1. Betting on the winner of the race or the inverse of it – betting that the horse will not come to the finish line first.
  2. Betting on a horse finishing in the top three. You can also bet on a horse’s place in the top 4, top 6, and so on.
  3. “Prediction” – a bet online on two horses to come to the finish line first and second. This bet can be a random sequence or an accurate prediction of the first and second runner-up in the race.
  4. “Duel” or “who’s higher” – choosing which of the two horses finishes first.
  5. “Finish” – betting that a horse goes the whole distance without a stall.

A peculiarity in horse racing is that young horses compete in early races. And among them, there are favorites, which often meet the expectations of bookmakers. Odds on these horses’ victory are usually given from 2.00 and above.

The strategy of the game against the favorite

As in any sport, making frequent bets on the favorite is not profitable, as it leads to big losses over a distance. Therefore, experienced bettors choose the dark horses on heavy courses, especially in bad weather.

They bet online in India on strong middles with good speed and stamina, who like to get drunk at the end of the course. We select a few of these “dark horses”, bookmakers’ analysts put high quotations, and make parallel bets on their wins. If one of the bets wins, the bettor makes a nice total profit.

Often, experienced punters use one safety net when the favorite in the last race manages to win. If you want to place a bet using the melbet promo code, you should follow the link provided.

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