A Definitive Guide on How to Become a Bookie

How well do you know about the bookie business? Who is a bookie? What does a bookie do? These questions would certainly be messing up with your mind if you’re trying to become one of them. In this article, we will shed light on the basics first followed by some traits that you need to acquire for becoming a bookie.

Just like the typical definition, a bookie is a person or a company that accepts bets during events such as poker tournaments. They are like the middlemen serving between players who make the wagers. A bookie generally collects money wagered by the players and then delivers payouts to the winners. Are you concerned about the profits? Well, a bookie keeps a percentage of money from the players according to the services he’s delivering. A bookie will guarantee profits. He will never try to gain money from the bets. Instead, the main aim is to earn from events regardless of what the results are.

One more thing to keep in mind is the reputation and integrity a bookie holds. So, if you want to become a bookie anytime soon, maintain these! Now that you have done your basic homework, ask yourself a question. What should you do to become a bookie?

Well, if you’re planning to operate in the street level area first, you need to visit the bars during some events. Don’t forget to introduce yourself in a proper way. Try to know more people by having proper conversations. You will find your potential customers in your friends’ circle, your family circle or co-workers during the early stages as it will be safe due to prior knowledge about them.

It’s better to start with small dealings and then you can try to create a customer base. Having more customers will make sure you’re safe to operate as a bookie, but do remember that you will have to be more organized to handle multiple players. Moreover, having a phone exclusively for taking bets is a must. Start taking bets from your friends to become a pro.

Become a Legend through PPH

Once you’ve established your basic base of bookie business, it’s time for you to move one step ahead. This is a step that will make your business easier and more secure. Try to let go of the traditional processes of bookie business and explore the revolutionary PPH bookie software.

Pay per head software provides everything that you need to run your own bookie business successfully. By using this software, you don’t have to run behind your customers to get them. The software will attract the bettors and soon you will have an enormous diversified customer base.

It will save you a lot of time, which you can use to set different bets for different players. This software will take care of your clients by providing them a platform where they can record their bets and see all information related to their betting behavior. And for you, it will give an opportunity to maintain a register of your clients.

Finally, becoming a bookie may seem difficult in the early stages, but once you explore the area, you will realize how you’re making huge bucks day by day!

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