A Complete 2019 Guide Of Live Dealer Casino Vs. Land-Based Casino

Traditionally, casinos were supposed to be the place where people go for a night out to have some fun with other people and get back with them a big amount at home. Considering the great interest of the general public in these places, various new updates have been made in this industry. Recently, a new trend has emerged in the casino world – Live Casinos. It is gaining immense popularity over land-based casinos day by day. These types of casinos feature a wide range of games that can be played any time.

Despite the rising popularity of live casinos, some people still wonder which casino – Land-Based or Live Casinos are better for them? If you’re also confused in deciding which option you would select to spend on, then here you will find the most helpful guide.

How Live Dealer Casinos Are Different From Land-Based Casinos?

As depicts from the name itself, land-based casinos are gaming premises that are located physically in the real world to play games in the well-constructed building. Live dealer casinos, on the other hand, are basically the virtual casinos that can be simply accessed on mobile phones, desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and more types of devices.

Following are some factors on the basis of which live casinos differ from land-based ones and considered more advantageous:

  • Convenience

The main reason why people choose the best live casino here over brick and mortar casino is convenience and comfort. It is more convenient for them to play games on portable devices than going outside the home. A player can enjoy the real-life casino gaming experience from the comfort of home while relaxing on the bed or sit down by playing live dealer games.

  • Large Variety of Games

Another benefit of the live casino over land-based one is that they offer a wide range of top-notch games developed by reputed companies. Player has many more gaming options to access with encouraging animations and eye-catching graphics in comparison to brick and mortar casino.

  • Loyalty Offers

In offline casinos, there is a points system where a player can get some perks after claiming certain loyalty points that are not specific to a single player. But, in live dealer casinos, players have additional opportunity to get customized VIP offers that are specific to them. These types of loyalty offers are given on achieving the progress on improved VIP level.

  • Security & Safety

The major difference between these two types of casinos is the safety concern. In offline casinos, you may have a risk of losing the money you are carrying with you. But, this problem is not faced in live casinos as the payment is paid online.

  • Geographic Restrictions

In land-based casinos, players are required to fill membership registration, in fact, they are allowed to play only a few casinos in their local region. While, in live dealer casinos, customers across the world can create an account in any licensed site to play from the comfort of own home.

Hope, you now better understand who is the winner – live dealer casino or land-based one.

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